Below are some of the assessments we have helped to build in the past 5 years:
Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System (TAPAS) is an assessment technology developed for U.S. Army to measure normal personality. TAPAS has been used by the U.S. Military during processing of recruits at military processing stations (MEPS) since September 2009. More than 500,000 Eligible recruits have taken 120-item computer adaptive versions of TAPAS measuring 15 personality dimensions.

Emotional Assessment System (EAS) was designed for the assessment of emotional disorders. Prospective users include psychologists and the members of any related disciplines who qualify to use instruments such as the MMPI.
DCG has helped to implement a computer adaptive administration of the EAS by conducting the necessary IRT analyses and programing adaptive test administration and scoring algorithms.

Naval Avation Trait Facet Inventory (NATFI) is a web-based assessment technology built to deliver adaptive tests assessing a library of personality facets relevant to success in naval aviation. It combines modern psychometric methods, computing technology, and research findings from the personnel selection and personality domains to create a system that is innovative in terms of how personality constructs are being measured and how resistant those assessments are to response distortion.

Scentio is a situational judgment test designed to measure 12 high performance behaviors (HPBs) most frequently encountered in managerial jobs. DCG helped to develop 72 scenarios having 4 response options and consulted on the development of Scentio's scoring keys. The assessment is used to identify high potential managerial talent in the U.K.